EPSS Orders App Information

All purchases in EPSS need to be submitted through the epss orders app. Doing this helps the purchasing team keep track of the orders that are placed, and lets us email you when the order is completed.

To access the orders app,  you need an EPSS Account which is separate and different than your UCLA login ID used for most campus services.

Faculty, staff, researchers, and postdocs have EPSS accounts automatically created for them when they are hired.

If you are a graduate student who needs to place orders for your lab, please have your PI email helpdesk@epss.ucla.edu to request you be added to the app.

Along with this request, you need to include:

  • Your Name
  • An email address (ucla email if you have one)
  • Your 9 digit UID# (the number on your student id)

Once we have added you, you can login and place orders. The app is only accessible from campus, or over the UCLA VPN

You can login to the app here: https://orders.epss.ucla.edu

If you have trouble logging in or accessing the app, please email the helpdesk and we will assist you.