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UCLA and EPSS have site licenses for a number of useful software tools.

Click here for UCLA provided software

UCLA provides more software to the Campus community free of charge:

Licenses for ArcGis, IDL/ENVI, Mathematica and more can be obtained for your use at a greatly reduced cost. Please email the helpdesk to inquire about obtaining a license to these software packages.

EPSS Computer labs have Windows 10, Linux (Ubuntu) and macOS machines available for student use. 

Additionally, many popular software packages are available on Clicc laptops from the UCLA library, and the Clicc virtual desktop (use it anywhere/off campus)

Other Useful Tools

GEOSCI, a cool series of tools and resources for Geo scientists who are down with Open Source.

Computational infrastructure for Geodynamics:

The Missing Semester of Your CS Education – cool resource!

TalkPython: a python podcast!

JOSS: the Journal of Open Source Software (which has cool things for research and publications):

Don’t forget to Check out or own IDRE (Institute for Digital research and Education). IDRE puts on may workshops and demos over the course of year: