Adobe Acrobat DC instructions

Adobe Acrobat DC is available to all faculty, researchers staff and postdoctoral scholars in EPSS. To get a license for Adobe Acrobat DC, please send an email to with the following information: your name your UCLA logon id (look it up here) Then download the installer for your operating system here: Be sure […]

Using Zoom

Thanks to Bill Harris for creating this guide. Getting started  Get the Zoom app: Download the Zoom Client for Metings:  Once installed: Go to your Start menu, and open Zoom.  If you aren’t logged in, it’ll look like:     Click Sign in with SSO.  It will ask for a domain.  Use  You’ll be taken to the standard […]

How to setup Outlook on macOS Catalina for your @EPSS email

This guide will show you the steps neccesary to setup Microsoft Outlook with your email address. If you need to check your email online, or dont have outlook installed yet, please see this guide: How to access your email address Prerequisites You have Microsoft Outlook installed on your macOS Catalina computer. (install the version from […]

Install ESA Snap for EPSSCI150

This guide will demonstrate how to install ESA SNAP software for use in EPSSCI150 – remote sensing. click here to jump to macOS install instructions. Windows installation instructions First step is to download SNAP from the ESA website here: You can download a development version of SNAP 8 from the course’s CCLE site. This […]

New Grads Info

Remote edition! Hi new and returning grad students! This is a list of useful links and services that are available in EPSS and at UCLA. Click the links below to learn more/visit those sites. UCLA logon Set up UCLA Email (google apps) for the first time EPSS Departmental Email (available, but not required) UCLA Library […]

Remote tools!

Hi everyone! This post is intended to be a list of remote tools that we can use in the department to work collaboratively over great (or not so great) distances. These tools are primarily intended for adminstrative staff, but if you need access to them, please contact the helpdesk. Zoom – a collaborative meeting tool […]

New Grads Computing Information

(or for anyone new to EPSS!) Welcome ! Below is a list of relevant information for new graduate students in EPSS in no particular order. Internet Access To get connected to the outside world, you can use either a hardwired Ethernet connection, or WiFi. Offices the building have Ethernet ports which look like this: The […]

Barracuda Spam Filter

This tutorial will demonstrate how to access the Barracuda spam filter, which protects your email address. Sometimes, a message is marked as spam unintentionally and will need to be approved for delivery. This guide will walk you through the steps to log into the barracuda, and to approve messages, whitelist/blocklist addresses, and manage your […]

How To Use The Department Printers

EPSS provides two Ricoh MFD high capacity printers for use in the department. These are located in Geology 3807 (across from the Main Office). The use of these printers is open to all department members, but requires a user code to be used. You can obtain a code by emailing with your name, affiliation […]