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How to Reset EPSS Account

Your EPSS account is synced with the website and orders app. If you have trouble logging in please read through the following instructions.

STEP 1: Please request a temporary password from IT by emailing (if you do not remember your username, please request it at this time)


Once you have a temporary password, connect to VPN if you are not on campus.


Fill in the details [EXAMPLE BELOW]

Username*: <USERNAME>


New Password: Minimum 10 characters, include upper case, numbers, and symbols.

New Password: Same as above

*Your Username is USUALLY the same as your email prefix. For example: For, the username is dchung.


Once you have confirmation that the password change is complete, you should now be able to login to and

How to Access your EPSS email through OWA

STEP 1: Go to this link:

STEP 2: Click sign in

STEP 3: Put your UCLA Logon ID in the email section, then click Next

STEP 4: Put your UCLA login info:

  • For the username, please put your UCLA Logon ID
  • For the password please enter your UCLA logon password

STEP 5: After you login in, click outlook icon at the left