How to setup Outlook on macOS Catalina for your @EPSS email

This guide will show you the steps neccesary to setup Microsoft Outlook with your email address. If you need to check your email online, or dont have outlook installed yet, please see this guide: How to access your email address


  • You have Microsoft Outlook installed on your macOS Catalina computer. (install the version from the Mac app store)
  • You have received an email with your EPSS email account login, and password 
  • You have changed the default password to something secure
  • this guide is for the latest version of Outlook as of this time (2020)


Open Microsoft Outlook! We will be using the helpdesk email as an example in this guide, so where you see “ess_help” or “helpdesk” before an @ sign, replace those values with your own.

You should see this screen:

if you have just downloaded outlook, you will be asked to authorize it!

To setup outlook, you first need to authorize office using your epss account. click “get started” (if you have already added one address, or are not asked to activate, just scroll down)

Click on “Already have a subscription? Sign In”

In this text box DO NOT PUT YOUR EPSS EMAIL ADDRESS. This email account has a separate username, which will be sent to you by IT or HR staff. In this example, the email address ‘’ has a login of ‘’, which is what to enter in this box. When you have entered your login, click “connect” to advance to the following screen:

be sure this is your login, and not your email address, then click “sign in”

You May be presented with a screen that says: “we found your account” or similar. If this is the case, click yes to add it now!

If you don’t see this screen, you can manually add the account by clicking on the outlook menu and selecting preferences:

open preferences
select “accounts”

Now you should see a similar dialog to the original, and again DO NOT ENTER YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN THIS BOX

make sure this is your LOGIN and not your email address. click continue:
a new dialog should pop up. enter your password and click “sign in”
Finished! (almost)

You may have noticed that this account is displayed in a strange manner. To fix this: open preferences again, and select accounts.

some of these look weird!

you can edit the fields “Account Description”, “Full Name”, “Email Addresses” to show the correct values, (email addresses should be your or email address. DO NOT EDIT “User Name”

Please reach out to the Helpdesk if you have any issues with setup or access here: .